Sydney’s Original Greek

Celebrating 70 Years being Sydney’s Original Greek Restaurant

Since 1952, our family’s restaurant ‘Diethnes’ has upheld the prestigious reputation of providing the finest Traditional Greek dining in Sydney.

Over the decades we have maintained and honed our original recipes to ensure that every meal is unique in both authenticity and perfection. At ‘Diethnes’ we have more to share with you than our esteemed selection of food. The ‘Diethnes experience’ involves truly immersing yourself in the warm, homely Greek atmosphere of our restaurant. Join our family - laugh, smile and experience true ‘kefi’. Whilst indulging in the tastes of the Aegean, we want you to really feel as though you are sitting seaside on a Cyclades island...

Within the walls of Diethnes Greek Restaurant comes not only traditional Greek cuisine but an abundance of history too.

Phillip, the previous owner and father to current owner John migrated to Australia at the age of 24 in 1967 from Kimilos, Cyclades where he started behind the scenes as a kitchen hand. At 31, through dedication and commitment Phillip was given the opportunity to run the restaurant.

Late 1977 Diethnes moved from its original location at 349 Pitt Street to where you are currently sitting today at 336 Pitt Street.

In the early 2000’s Phillips son, John at the age of 30, was asked to continue the legacy. He was the perfect candidate as he grew up with the restaurant and understood the importance of the Greek hospitality of making our guests feel apart of the family. Despite the rapid modernization of the world John’s goals were and are still to maintain the traditional lifestyle. He achieves this through the use of nostalgic Athenian décor and traditional home style Greek Cuisine.

The legacy of ‘Diethnes’ has been driven by ‘filotimo’ and ‘filo xenia’. It is both an honour and a privilege for us to share with you the delicacy of Greek cuisine. We see every meal at ‘Diethnes’ as a celebration of life, love and culture.

Originality and tradition are tied deeply with authenticity and exclusiveness.

The ‘Diethnes’ experience has thrived for decades; it is unlike anything else in this world.

We welcome all to sit, relax and select your favourite dishes from our menu as we transport you to the traditional lifestyle and cuisine of Greece- Kali Orexi!

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Immerse yourself in the warm, homely, Greek atmosphere of our restaurant.